Most Frequent Question and Answer 

Technical FAQ’s

Question:- What about the quality of videos through-out the course?

Answer:-  Some demo videos are available on website. The quality will be the same through-out the course.

Question:- If we buy the course with one year validity, what will after one year?

Answer:-  Your registration Id will be expired. And you will not able to login with the same Id.

Question:- What Is the date duration of this year?

Answer:-  If you buy the course with one year validity then your course will be valid from (20-03-2019) to (10-02-2020)

If you buy the course with two year validity then your course will be valid from (20-03-2019) to (10-02-2021) 

Question:- Is There any difference between one year course and two year course?  

Answer:-   No, Academically there is no difference. All the content is same for both type of course   package.

Question:- If there is any additional videos (On new Topics/ Questions)  will be uploaded next year for GATE 2021. Will students  get those videos who buy two year package this year? 

Answer:-   Yes, who will buy two year package this year their Register Id’s will be transferred for the next Session (GATE 2021).  So that he will also get updated videos/Questions.   

Question:- If there is any Technical problems  then what should I do?

Answer:-  Only you have to call or message  our Technical Team. We will help you out as soon as Possible.

Question:- How many times a video can be watched?

Answer:-  Maximum, 4 times can be watched.

Question:- If, I’ve watched a video three times. Can I watch again?

Answer:-  Yes, you can contact to Technical Team. They will upgrade your watch numbers.


Academically FAQ’s

Question;- What about the Lecture content?

Answer: – The GURU MANTRA of PEG Point Academy is “Simple teaching, quick learning”. PEG Point Academy took Content from most reference books and Keep language simple as possible as can. The content is designed with the most systematic way in terms of numerical as well as theory.  So that normal students can understand easily.