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5 Steps to a Happy Divorce

While divorce is never a joyous event, it doesn't have to be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Instead of the end of your...

Keeping the Element of Fun in Marriage

Over time, everyday life gets in the way and couples forget the importance of time spent with each other just having fun. They forget or do not...
Valentine's Day Special

Making Valentine’s Day Special Without Breaking the Bank

Valentine's Day is around the corner, striking fear into the hearts of husbands and boyfriends everywhere. The amount of pressure on some of these poor guys is...
wounded heart

Infected Hearts: The Dangers of Unforgiveness

At least one time or another we have been hurt by someone. Whether it was a business partner, parent, children or friends it was painful. Since we...
Mens Lingerie

Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Top 5 Best Lingerie Brands

Valentine's Day is undoubtedly not only a cute and fun holiday, but also a romantic holiday as well. Many men decide to get their better half's roses,...
Single dude on valentines day

Valentine’s Day Tips for Single Dudes

It's February 14th, the feeling of love is everywhere, and you're…well…uh…Single on Valentine's Day, huh?You're not alone. Well, actually, yes, you are. Bitterly, utterly alone. However, that's no...
Valentine's Day

How to Survive Valentine’s Day

Every year, people celebrate Valentine's Day. This holiday is the most important day of the year to tell the person you love, just how much you really...
Couple On A Date

Trap a Mate Reading “How to Marry the Man of Your Choice”

While visiting one of the Chicago neighbnorhood libraries, I ran across a book that brought a big smile and "Is this for real?""How To Marry The Man...

Advice for Coping with a Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go though. It's difficult to give up the dream you had of the fairy...

How to Ensure Your Fund-raising Effort Gets Customers

Now that it's summer, it seems not a weekend goes by that I don't bike past a group of giggling teens standing on a street corner, displaying...

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