Over time, everyday life gets in the way and couples forget the importance of time spent with each other just having fun. They forget or do not even realize the importance of being friends and enjoying each other. Work, kids, keeping the house clean, doing yard work, grocery shopping, paying the bills and the multitude of other must do now things always seem to get in the way of a couples time together. Some couples end up finding it hard to find time for a satisfactory sex life among all the business of everyday life.
Importance of Fun in Marriage:

Having fun in marriage is very important, as it keeps the friendship factor in the marriage. Often couples who are disappointed in their marriage or who have grown apart will comment that they simply have nothing in common with each other. The cause of this complete loss of common ground is lack of time spent just being friends and enjoying each other. Most couples will find that by making an effort to get involved in each other’s interests, they actually have more in common than they realize.

Couples can have fun together in many ways. The easiest way to begin is to make a list of things each partner enjoys and then discussing them openly. By sharing with each other what you truly enjoy about the activities along with discussing the various elements of the activities, you may find mutual points of interest.

Being Playful Increases Intimacy:

Being playful can increase intimacy by allowing the couple to build on desire that begins with having fun together. Playing together will help alleviate some of the stresses of everyday life that many times will put a damper on intimacy. By relieving some of this pressure, you will be more relaxed and excited when you get a few private moments.

A couple can be playful in many ways. Quit simply anything you can enjoy together can bring out your playfulness. Being playful with your spouse is really nothing more than getting together and enjoying each other. If you find yourself at a loss of how to be playful with your mate, you may want to try something as simple as having an old-fashioned pillow fight.

While you are swinging pillows at each other, you will notice the stress and tensions of every day life start to melt away. Tensions build up every day due to work, household duties, bills and all the other stressful things adults have to deal with.

By having a pillow fight with your spouse, you will be ridding yourself of nervous energy and tension while also enjoying a little risqué fun with your sweetheart.

The Value of Friendship in Marriage:

Friendship is a very important aspect of marriage. Your spouse is the one you are with daily, together you face the challenges of life. It only makes sense that getting through the most difficult times would be much easier if as spouses we are friends.

My husband and I have found our marriage has grown immensely stronger since we have become friends. I remember a time when while I loved my husband, I really did not like him very much. The reason for that was we were not friends. We hurt each other unwittingly all the time. When we made the quality decision to nurture a friendship with each other, our marriage grew stronger.

It takes work to build a friendship however, it is well worth the work involved and over time, your spouse can become your best friend. My husband is the one I laugh with, cry with, play with and share secrets. We enjoy time spent apart with our other friends however, we have found nothing compares to the time we spend together.


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