Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, striking fear into the hearts of husbands and boyfriends everywhere. The amount of pressure on some of these poor guys is enormous, and the easiest sure-fire solution presented to them through advertising is… jewelry. So what’s a guy to do if he can’t afford to wow his darling with loads of bling? Here are some ideas.
Write things down. Many women are impressed by gifts that are personal, specific to the relationship you have. Writing notes or lists is often a big hit. List the reasons you love her, the top ten things you want to do together, your favorite memories with her. If you want to make a gift out of it, you could put it into something substantial like a frame or a jar and wrap it. An engraved frame would be even better.

Think outside of your usual skills and abilities. If you hate cooking or never cook, this would be a great time to wow her with your newfound cooking skills. If you never help around the house, have it totally clean for her when she comes home. Doing something she would never suspect is the key here, and it’s a great way to get the wow factor without something shiny and expensive.

Compromise on something. If you play video games every day and she hates it, give them up for a while. If she’s been begging you to fix something for 6 months, fix it. There are probably a million ways you could think of to make her life easier. Pick a few that you can get done before Valentine’s Day.

Make it last. I am one of many women who loves having gifts spread out over time. A love note every day for a week is my idea of an incredible Valentine’s Day.

Don’t just give her something. Create an event. A candlelit dinner at home, a blindfolded drive to someplace special with a picnic, a scavenger hunt for love notes. These things make a big difference in how she will remember the day. For many women, having to stay on top of everything all the time is their normal state of being. So planning an event or a whole day together will very likely make you a hero.

The overall theme here is thinking it out ahead of time. Spending a little time beforehand brainstorming will help you create a day she will remember forever. So go start planning! Good luck.


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