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Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly not only a cute and fun holiday, but also a romantic holiday as well. Many men decide to get their better half’s roses, cards, and more. But one of the more daring gifts is obviously lingerie. It shows that she’s the sexiest being alive and that every inch of her is truly appreciated. However, most men get confused on what really will fit her style or be what she truly likes. So without further ado, here are the top five lingerie brands for Valentine’s Day:
5) Victoria’s Secret- affordable, flirty, fun.

You may be surprised that Victoria’s Secret is on the bottom of the list. This brand has high-quality and cheap lingerie pieces, but is often over-done and over-rated. Most of their Valentine’s Day items are gaudy, bright, covered in sequins, and or feathers. However, Victoria’s Secret is just for a cheaper budget. If you are going to buy this brand for your lady, I highly suggest buying something that is both sexy and perfect for everyday wear. Their Pink line and Very Sexy lines are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Pink line is generally more for comfort and considered moreso “underwear” than lingerie, but has many pieces that would make most men melt. Additionally, tons of Pink items are cute and fun. The Very Sexy lines also allows for every day wear, but with a little sexiness and sauciness mixed in. It’s also much more sophisticated and seductive. Avoid the Sexy Little Things line at all costs. It’s a cute and especially “naughty” line, but not the type of items most women want to receive by their partner’s. Victoria’s Secret has hundreds of stores nationwide and has even more items available online at Items range from $7.50 panties to $59.99 corsets to $40 bras. They also often hold their huge Semi-Annual sale in early to mid-January and have numerous of offers throughout the year, especially around Valentine’s Day.

4) La Perla- sophisticated, sensual, luxurious, pricey.

La Perla is a lesser-known brand, but definitely shouldn’t be. It’s an extremely high-end, but sophisticated brand that is perfect for any woman. The lingerie pieces come straight from Italy and definitely reflect the romantic and sophisticated flare of one of the most luxurious countries. La Perla has numerous options for men searching for the right gift. They have more basic lines (Basic Chic) which promise every day wear with both sensuality and comfort. La Perla’s most popular line is “Sexy,” which has numerous of lingerie items lined with lace and satin. Whatever her style is, La Perla has something, usually both a bra and panty. The reason why La Perla has made its way on to the list is because it’s more of an obscure and foreign brand, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a brand (or lingerie item) that most women expect. Since it is an Italian brand, it can usually only be bought online in the United States at As I said before, their products are much more pricier, but well worth the quality and the extra effort.

3) Spoylt- sexy, bold, naughty, higher-end.

This brand oozes Valentine’s Day and complete sexiness. Like La Perla, Spoylt is a more high fashion range of lingerie. Most of the lingerie items are available in rich colors, including seductive reds and sexy pinks, all lined in lace and decorated with bows. Spoylt generally isn’t for everyday wear, but is perfect for that special occasion or romantic date. This brand was made for inside the bedroom. Each sexy range has a variety of item, including bras, panties, camis, and often handcuffs. Spoylt has numerous sales throughout the year, which makes this expensive lingerie much more affordable for an average to high budget. Spoylt also has nightwear, which will make any woman feel like a queen on Valentine’s Day or on any day of the year. In fact, this lingerie is so luxurious and popular that is has been featured on hit shows such as Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Nip/Tuck, and Entourage. Their items can be found at their exclusive web site at and at numerous department stores through the country (check their web site for additional details on locations).

2) Frederick’s of Hollywood- cheap, gaudy, playful.

A brand that is somewhat similar Victoria’s Secret in price and quality breaks out on it’s own when it comes to variety. Frederick’s of Hollywood is perfect for that over-the-top Valentine’s Day or for any occasion you can think of. Most of the items seem to be extremely gaudy, but are fun, flirty, and perhaps even exciting. This brand offers cheap but high quality items, so if you have more to spend, you can definitely get more items that she’ll love. Frederick’s of Hollywood has wonderful and extremely classy corsets and bras. On the flip side, the site has tons of crazy items such as maribou teddies, skimpy costumes, and more. This brand has been featured in numerous magazines, including OK!, Elle, In Style, and more. All of the items are available at the Frederick’s of Hollywood web site at Additionally, catalogs can be requested. This brand also has tons of sales and specials throughout the year, so keep your eyes open.

1) Agent Provocateur- classic, couture, seductive.

Agent Provocateur is the ultimate lingerie brand. All of the items are made in France and feature tons of different ranges that offer bras, corsets, nighties, panties, and more. The brand is extremely high-quality and is perfect for any taste. Agent Provocateur comes out with different lines every season, including basic, sexy, flirty, and sophisticated ranges. The brand also has some of the best perfume and naughty accessories known to man (and woman). If you get your woman an Agent Provocateur item, watch her eyes light up in joy. There are a few Agent Provocateur stores throughout the US, the largest being in New York and in California in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Additionally, a new store just opened in Miami, Florida. More stores are located in Europe, making it a great store to visit if you’re ever traveling. If you can’t get to a store, more items are available at Check out their site when they have their annual sale. Items are marked down up to 80 percent off.


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