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While visiting one of the Chicago neighbnorhood libraries, I ran across a book that brought a big smile and “Is this for real?”
“How To Marry The Man Of Your Choice” tells where to look for eligible men, how to talk to them, and how to dress for success with them.

Don’t waste effort and energy going out or dating just anyone in pants, but sift through your prospects, Margaret Kent advises. How? Simply have a five-minute conversation, seven minutes top. If you can’t figure out a man in this length of time, you need to review Chapter One’s 20 guides to male behavior.

A few of these are: 1. Males are influenced by women. 2. Men base their sexual worth from their high school years. 3. Men have enormous, but fragile egos (So learn a lot about this.)

Chapter Two covers dressing for men (No pun intended). Did you know you’re dressed properly when you’re not paying attention to your clothing? In other words, T-shirts and jeans. The tighter the jeans, the better. Nothing frilly, overly sexy, and only basic colors! (Burn those plaids.) The chapter goes on at length about the “right” type of shoes, pants, hair, even eyeglasses!

Now that you know how to dress you must say hello to every man who isn’t a criminal or weird. (In Chicago?!) Start a conversation with him about himself by asking questions that require an explanation. If he passes, (as in he did great) let him know how he’ll see you again. If he doesn’t, say bye ASAP.

You can also ask him to name three people, dead or alive, that he would like to meet. The responses (or lack thereof) will tell you a lot, and you’ll learn a great deal about him.

The 20 best places to meet men includes on the job, bookstores, supermarkets, laudromats, libraries, bowling alleys, airport waiting rooms, doctors’ waiting rooms, school, and special interest groups.

Speaking of jobs, the author points out, it can make a difference. Were you aware that flight attendents, waitresses, and nurses have the best access to men?

Other good jobs include IRS agent, politician, and men’s shoe salesperson. If you can;t see changing careers, learn correct interviewing techniques. You can help a man fall in love with you by asking about his opinions and thoughts and listening intently. And remembering. (?)

The author doesn’t specify what you should remember, but she does give other dating do’s and don’ts. There’s even a chapter on tying the knot, complete with 10 techniques to train the man to be a husband. (Train is the author’s word, not mine.)

The author claims that anyone can get her ideal mate within two years. For those who wish to try: Good luck.

Three additional ways to meet men are: 1. Join a health spa, but this will have a few flaws. It’s going to be hard to do a workout wearing a tiara, full makeup, a lovely gown, and heels. But, if you can just sit by the pool looking great, you’ve got a chance with the guys going into the spa after their workout. And this gives you a chance to see how healthy he really is. The best time to go is in the morning (All the young, hotties and great-looking women tend to go after work). You’re more apt to meet types who have flexible schedules; If you don’t meet anyone, you can always take off the tiara, wipe off the makeup, kick off the heels, and get in shape.

  1. Fly! It’s very easy to meet guys on airplanes (and they’re a captive audience). Try to get in the first-class section.
  2. Domestic court-plenty of single or soon-to-be-single guys. You’ll be able to find out who can afford you and who can’t. And you’ll also know how a man treated his first wife. Or second. Or third. (But would you really want someone else’s
    reject? But then again, there’s Brad Pitt………… hmm.)


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