Mothers have a lot on their plates when they first bring baby home and adjust to a new schedule. In the busy days, weeks and months that lay ahead it can be easy to neglect old friendships and concentrate exclusively on baby’s needs. How can you maintain old friendships as a new mother?

Don’t Push Out Old Friends

When you have a new baby to take care of, a household to run and a husband to cater to it is all too easy to push old friends to one side. But if you want to keep in touch with old friends you should continue to put in the effort. Keep friends up to date with what is going on in your life. Invite them over when things settle down and baby has started to develop a routine.

Don’t Forget Childless Friends

Many new mothers crave the company of other women who are going through the same as them. But that is not fair on friends who do not have any children when you exclude them from your company and from your confidence simply because you no longer feel as if you have anything in common with them. Remember that each friend has something unique to contribute to the relationship that does not always have to revolve around how baby has colic or is having adventures with teething.

Enjoy Girlie Days Out (or In)

When was the last time you enjoyed a girlie night out (or in?) If you cannot even remember, then now is the time to call an old friend and make arrangements to go out! Ask your parents or husband to look after baby while you enjoy some much-deserved me-time. Go shopping, stop by a coffee shop for a chit-chat over a latte or have your friend come over for lunch if you are feeling too tired to go out with her.

New mothers need a lot of support once baby arrives. Many draw most of their support from their husbands and parents. However, old friendships often fall by the wayside, particularly friendships with childless women. Make it a point to keep friends included in your life by spending time with them, rather than pushing them aside and enjoying the odd day together to catch up and unwind.


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